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Alina Li

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Alina Li

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 Alina Li is a Chinese born pornstar, born September 8, 1994 in Shanghai, China. She moved and grew up mostly in the US, and started in the porn world in 2013.

 She's a very petite girl with a tiny 32B-21-34 body, but at the same time she seems to be able to handle some truly huge cocks.

 She does all sorts of hardcore, including creampies, and also seems to be good with girls. Much of her early stuff was amateur style, girlfriend style, and first time fuck style, but she has moved on to doing more mainstream stuff.

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 Her petite body and sexy look means she does plenty of hardcore teen stuff as well.

 She is also known as ChiChi Zhou, this may in fact be her real name. In July 2014, it was reported that Alina Li had suddenly quit the porn business.

 Reports were that heavy negative attitudes online after she did a threeway interracial scene or a hardcore public humiliation scene lead to her decision.

 It was said that she realized she wasn't enjoying it anymore, and couldn't keep going.

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