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Jade Marcela

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Jade Marcela

As of October 2011Jade Marcela has recorded about 230 porn star.

 Butreportedlyshe was born June 22, 1980 America has been married to Caucasiansand forbade her husband to have sex with other people

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Before Angelina Lee porn star known as IndonesiaJade Marcela firststarted his career in the porn industry the United States.

 In factthe nameJade is increasingly recognized and a growing number of fans both inAmerica and Indonesia.

In the biography of Jade Marcelainitially claimed he was born in Hawaii,the United States but was renamed JakartaHe also claimed the parentsnative to IndonesiaJade was admitted was born in Tegal, Central Java.

Just as the reason for most peopleat first he went to Uncle Sam for their fatebut it turns outin a strange land, he would plunge into the porn film industry of HollywoodSome sources say, after the entry into the industry,even he intended to match the popularity of other porn starsAsiaCarera.

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