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Dana Vespoli

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Dana Vespoli

Black on Asian

Dana Vespoli’s name has become synonymous with creativity, a sensual creativity that she has used to her advantage as both a performer and director.

 An 11 year veteran in the adult industry, Dana began as a performer, a highly lauded performer likely due to her steamy performances and unparalleled and exotic beauty. 

Looking at Dana, one might assume she is a runway model with her sleek physique and gorgeous smile.

 Since 2006 Dana has focused more of her energy behind the camera becoming a sought after director who is known for her sexy and realistic scenes which manage to capture the hottest moments of sensuality between two people.

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 Speaking with Dana is a pleasure as the passion she has for her job is undeniable, a refreshing quality for a person in any profession, and a very cool quality when the profession happens to be porn director and the person doing it happens to be a special kind of beautiful.

 Mens Mag Daily had the pleasure of speaking with Dana Vespoli about the long road that led her to the adult industry, what changes she’s seen in the business, and why she thinks she’s a better director than performer.

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