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Adrianna Luna

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Adrianna Luna

Standing at 5'3" and 125lbs, Adrianna Luna is a stunning mix of Filipina / Mexican.

 As you can see, Adrianna says the best asset on her 5'3" frame is her beautiful 34D breasts.

 Dont let her shy demeanor and innocent voice fool you, Adrianna is a sexual freak and loves to show off her talents for the camera.

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Here's some neat Adrianna Luna trivia: Before starting in the porn industry, Adrianna had never used the word "cock" before. 

Now according to her: "I use it everyday. Now it's weird for me not to.

 Even in a normal conversation, I use the word cock and think, Oh that was kind of vulgar." Be on the lookout for the newest Adrianna Luna porn videos right here at All Asian Pornstars

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