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Kira Kener

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Black on Asian

Kira Kener

Usually, the term “exotic” is overused when describing ethnic beauty, but in the case of Kira Kener, her Vietnamese-meets-Norwegian roots qualify because, let's face it, how often do those nations get mentioned in the same sentence?

 Although Vivid Video has hired women of all racial backgrounds, their bread-and-butter has always been the blue-eyed blonde, so Kira's unique look, complete with striking cheekbones and sun-kissed skin, was a welcome sight back when she began trolloping on video in 1999.

 Not-so-welcome, however, was KK's less-than-thrilling practices of having condoms-only intercourse and dodging baby paste (especially to her lovely face) like it was bird flu. 

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 She did, however, start heating up a bit towards the end of her porn run.

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